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Rental Information:   

Full Day RentalsThe Main Hall rental is from 12 Noon - Midnight.  Full day rental includes the kitchen. (12 hr maximum including decorating and breakdown)

Half Day Rentals All hours include decorating time and breakdown. Half day rentals are for a maximum of 5 hours. Use of the Kitchen is not included with the Half Day Rental.

BBQ Pits: The fee for rental of the BBQ Pits is dependent on if Tenant provides the wood ($125.00) or Tenant uses the Landlord?s wood ($250.00).

Rental Deposit is required to reserve your event date. The deposit is 50% of the Rental Fee. The Hall Manager will contact you as to when the balance of the rent and fees will be due. 

Payment in Cash, Check, or Credit Cards are accepted for Hall Rentals.

Security: Two (2) licensed security guards required for a minimum of 4 hours at all alcoholic functions. This fee is charged at the rate that it costs the Landlord to hire the security.

Cleaning Deposit: The Cleaning deposit will only be refunded upon completion of the cleaning procedures defined in the Hall Regulations.

Damages Deposit: The Damages Deposit will be refunded after the Hall Manager has verified that no damages have occurred to the Hall property during the scheduled event.

Bar Fee: The Taylor Columbus Club reserves the right to open the bar at all functions. If Tenant wishes to serve complimentary drinks not purchased from the Landlord past 8 p.m. there will be an additional fee charged to offset the loss of revenue.

Parking: There is ample free parking on-site. The Hall's main entrance is street level so there are no steps for you or your guests to navigate.

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