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Hall Regulations:   

1. Cleaning Procedures:

Note: Birdseed, rice, glitter or confetti are not allowed inside the hall.


  • Remove all decorations and any leftover food after the event
  • Kitchen and BBQ Pits if used:
  • - Pickup and bag all loose trash, place all trash in dumpster.
    - Tenant shall clean area and restore to its previous condition.

   Optional: Cleaning procedures expected of Tenant to receive refund of cleaning deposit:

  • Tenant shall remove all items from tables and floors and remove trash from the restrooms and kitchen area.
  • Tenant shall clean any major food spills in the kitchen, restrooms or hall area. All major food and drink spills must be mopped.
  • Tenant shall wash, dry and return all pitchers to the kitchen.
  • Tenant shall place trash in dumpster outside of hall. (Taylor Columbus Club will provide trash liners)
  • Tenant shall return tables to original location.
  • Tenant is not required to sweep or mop hall after use.

2. Security Procedures: It is the policy of this hall to have licensed security guards at all functions serving alcoholic beverages.

  • Two (2) licensed security guards are required for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Security service is currently $300.00 for a period of 4 hours; additional hours are $50.00 per hour or portion of an hour. The cost for security is subject to change without notice.
  • Tenant will be required to pay for security service. Hall management shall arrange for security with their current vendor.

3. Outside Vendors: Outside vendors are allowed for catering, music, etc. It is necessary for us to know in advance who is there representing Tenant in case of emergency conditions or conflicts.

  • Food: Tenant must provide the name of the catering company or persons being used and the contact person. Also, please advise the caterer that they are responsible for cleanup of the areas used.
  • Music: Tenant must provide the name of the musicians being used and the contact person. Tenant must advise the musicians that sound shall not exceed 85 decibels. Tenant must advise musician that they are not to bring outside beverages into the hall. Tenant must advise musicians that music cannot extend past 12 midnight and that everyone is required to be vacated from the hall no later than 1 a.m.
  • Decorations & Removal: Tenant must provide the name of the company or persons responsible for decorations and their removal and the contact person. Unless appropriate additional arrangements are made, decorations must be removed by 1:00 a.m. of the evening of the event. (Fees for additional time are $60.00 per hour or portion of an hour)
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Outside vendors for the purchase of beer and soda is not allowed. Due to licensing restrictions all beer/sods a must be purchased through the Taylor Columbus Club including kegs. Keg beer requires advance notification of two weeks. Each keg purchased will include 100 cups (12 oz) and use of pitchers for your guests. Additional cups may be purchased. Pitchers must be cleaned as per the Cleaning Procedures.
  • Other Beverages: Tenant may provide complimentary refreshments to guests, including items purchased outside such as punch, tea, coffee, etc., during the meal and until 8 p.m. No complimentary drinks are allowed after 8 p.m. except for items purchased through the Taylor Columbus Club. A bar fee will be charged if Tenant chooses to serve complimentary drinks/keg beer after 8:00 p.m. No other drinks purchased outside the hall will be allowed to be brought into the building at any time by Tenant or guests. This includes mixers for hard liquor.

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